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Sutlej Pubic School, Ludhiana has one of the best Co-curricular programmes to ensure the overall development of students. Health and Physical Education forms an integral part of the syllabi; so do Performing and Visual arts. Environmental consciousness also figures very prominently on this agenda.

There are seven working hours in schools. Extra care of weak students is taken during that extra time. Excursions, tours and adventure camps are arranged for juniors and seniors from time to time.

Teachers attend teachers training programs, seminars and workshops conducted by CBSE and other eminent resources persons. Special attention is given to spread awareness about taking care of environment. Students are instructed to bring home cooked nutritious food wrapped in cloth napkins.

During rainy season saplings of trees of students choice (Mango, Jamun, Guava etc) are arranged which they plant and nurture them at their home and fields. Follow-up is done by asking them to bring the photographs of those saplings.

Career counselling and health related lectures are conducted from time to time.

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